Reddit Launches Gold Program That Will See Top Contributors Mods Paid for Their Efforts

To differentiate these two concepts, both of them were rebranded – membership became Premium, and virtual goods became Reddit Coins. Michal is a passionate marketer who has previous experience from different aspects of growth marketing within international startups. However, by buying Reddit bitbuy review accounts and Reddit upvotes, you should be able to boost your post either way. 1,000 Reddit Coins on your first purchase, then 700 Reddit Coins each month you are a member thereafter. A prompt asks you which award you want to give and whether you want to do it anonymously.

It’s important to pay attention to the laws of each subreddit you participate in. Moderators can ban you for any reason they want, and some of them rule with an iron fist. Since it first launched back in 2005, the social sharing site Reddit has grown to become a must-view site for millions of users across the globe.

  1. Recently, many social media platforms have introduced recap-like features.
  2. In addition to feeling good about your post and having a spiffy badge next to your name, Reddit awards also come with a few perks.
  3. You know which people have had a negative impact on your life.
  4. The only thing that matters when being given Gold is the quality of your posting.
  5. Like message boards, subreddits have their own rules set by the moderators.

Reddit Gold is a monthly subscription to extra rewards and site features on Reddit. Reddit culture promotes the idea of redditors gifting each other Gold, or “gilding” them, for comments they love and consider exceptional. This encourages higher quality of discussion and helps sustain the site. While the benefits may be minimal, especially if you’re not American, Reddit Gold has become a cornerstone of the site. Anyone on Reddit can reward posts or comments from other users with a visible gold, silver, or platinum commendation.

Features Of Reddit Gold

You can also send a private message along with your gift.

The benefits of Reddit gold are great, as we will see now. Reddit Premium is a function that is exclusive to Reddit members. Then what are the benefits of a premium membership?

Getting The Most Out Of Reddit

A gold award gives the author a week of Reddit Premium, 100 Coins to do with as they please, and shows a Gold Award on the post. A platinum award gives the author a month of Reddit Premium, which includes 700 Coins for that month, and shows a Platinum Award on the post. It’s what is lovingly known as the front page of the internet. It’s a place where millions of people go every day to discuss politics, post memes, find porn, and share every odd thought that’s ever occurred to them in the shower.

How to use Reddit

Users can earn Reddit gold by participating in various challenges or events hosted by moderators or other members of the community. This method requires more effort but can be rewarding for those who enjoy engaging with others online. For the rest of the features that come with Reddit gold, read the Daily Dot’s complete breakdown. Moderators, otherwise referred to as “mods” by the Reddit community, are volunteer moderators for respective subreddit. Mods are in charge of creating and maintaining community rules, controlling layout out of the subreddit, and troubleshooting any problems. Welcome to Online Tech Tips – A blog that provide readers with daily computer tutorials, technology news, software reviews, and personal computing tips.

This means you get more out of your time on the site without being bombarded with ads or irrelevant content. A Reddit Premium membership gives you various Reddit Coins to spend, and you’ll need a way to spend it. The only way to do this is to spread the wealth and use it to gift other users with Reddit awards.

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But Reddit’s profitability battle won’t be won overnight. Despite the outpouring of love over the weekend, today’s daily Gold goal is currently only at 37 percent. The “gold rush” appears to be over all too quickly. Reddit allows you to save your favorite comments, but its standard site doesn’t allow you to sort those favorites. Of course, then you wouldn’t be supporting Reddit. Hi, my name is James but my friend calls me JamesTheNews since I always have the latest news about social media.

How to use Reddit slang

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Silver award – This is the lowest award which costs 100 Reddit Coins. It simply shows a Silver badge right next to the comment or post. Gold membership entitles you to create a special subreddit, hidden from the prying eyes of everyone but other Gold members. This one is self-explanatory, but it’s a nice break for users on a site where ad blockers don’t cover everything. You can also buy 12 “creddits” (get it?), which allows you to give one month of Reddit Gold at your discretion 12 times. Also, when you purchase Reddit coins, it helps keep the site running.

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Users can “upvote” or “downvote” posts in a subreddit based on how much they like or dislike them. Though most people take this to mean whatever petty whim suits them at the moment. While it’s rare to see, you can also gift the Argentium award, costing 20,000 Reddit Coins. This gives the recipient 2500 Coins of their own, as well as a three-month Reddit Premium membership.

If you receive a gold award, you get a week of Reddit premium, plus 100 coins you can use to give someone silver. If you receive a platinum award, you get a month of Reddit premium and 700 coins to award people with silver or gold. Reddit Gold is an additional feature you pay for and lasts for a month. It gives you how your avatar’s karma is formed, the comments you read, and many more features. You will also get rid of ads while on the site and be protected from subreddits. Lastly, subscribing to multiple subreddits using multi-reddit allows users with common interests or hobbies connect while keeping things organized.

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